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Is it better to write a theory-based paper or a more practice-oriented thesis?

Answering this question depends heavily on your personal interests and your career planning. Anyone aspiring to a scientific career is well advised to write a theory-based paper. If, on the other hand, a direct career entry in the private sector is desired, a highly practice-oriented thesis may be useful.

In general, one should orient the topic of the work according to one’s own interests, since one will spend several months working on this topic and because the work on a topic from one’s own field of interest is more promising.

How a topic is handled depends strongly on the chosen question. As a rule, almost any topic can be examined either from a theoretical or practice-oriented perspective.

Can I exmatriculate myself before writing my bachelor thesis?

No, this is usually not possible. Since every university regulates its examination and enrollment rules individually, it is advisable to inquire with the responsible examination office.

What is the scope of a bachelor thesis?

The scope of a bachelor thesis is not uniformly regulated nationwide and usually differs from university to university. In general, the scope is between 20 and 50 pages. The requirements of the university must be strictly adhered to, as some universities also prescribe the number of words or signs. Often one differentiates in the page indication, whether it concerns thereby the total number of the sides, thus inclusive cover page, outline, abbreviations and bibliography or whether with it the pure text part is meant

These questions should be clarified prior to writing a bachelor thesis, as otherwise it will be necessary to shorten it unnecessarily or the work will not meet the requirements of the university. These questions are regulated in the examination regulations of the department and can also be discussed with the supervisor.

Who can supervise a bachelor thesis?

To supervise the bachelor thesis you need two supervisors. A supervisor must be a professor in your degree program, as second supervisor can be selected a scientific employee of the university or an employee of the supervising company. When choosing an external supervisor, there are usually concrete requirements on the part of the university. These can be requested from the examination office or read in the study regulations. It is usually required that the external supervisor has an equivalent degree as the student aspires to. In this case, this would be a bachelor’s degree. In addition, a long-term (usually 5 years) professional experience is required. If the desired supervisor does not meet these criteria, he can be used as a practice supervisor. Especially when choosing an external supervisor, it is advisable to pay close attention to whether this is also approved by the university, so that no problems arise later.

In general, care should be taken in the choice of supervisor, whether they have a scientific or practical reference to the subject. The choice of examiners is in the hands of the students. So it is your job to find two suitable people to look after and evaluate your work.

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