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How many copies must be submitted?

This question is not uniformly regulated nationwide, so it is advisable to look in the respective study regulations or to ask the examination office. As a rule, three bound copies are required, one copy remains in the examination office and one work each receives the first and second reviewers. In addition, many universities now require the submission of work in electronic form, so that it can be checked for plagiarism. The submission of work is subject to deadlines, which must be adhered to. Therefore, it is advisable to also find out about the opening hours of the examination office, so that the work can really be submitted on time.

How long do I have to stay enrolled during my bachelor thesis?

You must stay enrolled until the end of your studies. Since different regulations may apply depending on the university, it is advisable to clarify this question with a supervisor at the university or to consult the examination office. As a rule, you must remain enrolled until the bachelor thesis is submitted. During this time, you will continue to have health insurance as a student and may receive child benefit.

Is it possible to write a bachelor thesis?

The bachelor thesis represents the first major scientific work for the students, which you have to write independently and which accounts for up to 20 percent of the total study grade. Accordingly, the pressure is high to write the best possible work. Unfortunately, professors at the German mass universities have less and less time for the individual student and can not sufficiently care for the students.

The bachelor thesis in the academic field represents a hurdle that should not be underestimated. After all, the formulation of independent theses is expected here, as well as the stringent processing of a topic of your choice based on a scientific question. What is required here is not only the evaluation of up-to-date specialist literature but also the examination of subject-related theories. For these requirements, you will find competent and professional contact persons who work with you personally to write a work that meets all scientific requirements.

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